Frequently Asked Questions

What is Last.fm?

Last.fm is music service that allows you to track the music you listen to across a variety of platforms and devices.

Based on the music you've listened to, Last.fm makes music recommendations for you. Visit Last.fm for more info.

Do I need to be a Last.fm member to use My Music Habits?

Yes. My Music Habits currently only supports Last.fm but I'm hoping to provide an iTunes version in the future.

Where can I provide feedback or ideas?

Visit the Last.fm Group or the blog to post your feedback/ideas.

Why does this site seem familiar to the now defunct 'How Do You Listen To Music' website?

My Music Habits is the spiritual successor to the 'How Do You Listen To Music' website.

I created the 'How Do You Listen To Music' website a few years ago and decided to breathe new life into it.